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Help your children discover the rest of their world with educational images, presentations, videos, and much more!

Below you will find a collection of educational images, posters, presentations, videos, and other resources that teach children about diving, diving with family, ocean life, biology or sciences related to diving, or other related topics.

  • A Complete Introduction To Marine Conservation  ||  Provided by Eco-Conscious Diver
    The step-by-step guide to learning and implementing your own marine conservation journey!

  • Explore the Blue with National Marine Sanctuaries  || Provided by NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
    Virtual Field Trip. Lesson plans included. 360 VR video
  • God's Underwater World Homeschool Edition  ||  Provided by Reef Ministries 
    Millions of people are in awe over the beauty, color, design and diversity in the underwater world. But how can we feel closer to God when we behold this beauty underwater? To answer this question we have assembled a team of faith-based marine biologists who not only understand the science of the underwater world but they also connect why it is the handiwork of God. In God's Underwater World online course we have chapters on corals, fishes and vertebrates, invertebrates, shells and mollusks, marine mammals, sharks, the bible and science, environmental stewardship, and how to make your time underwater worshipful.

    In the God's Underwater Homeschool Edition we include additional content such as quizzes at the end of each chapter, a facilitator's guide for parent teachers and a bonus chapter on countering evolution. Discover the many reasons why we feel closer to God underwater, then you can make every underwater experience worshipful. Whether snorkeling, free-diving, scuba-diving or even just visiting an aquarium, imagine it being a reverent, peaceful, rich time to connect with God. Giving Him all the honor and glory for His creation. Join us as we explore God's Underwater World! 

  • REEF Fishinars  || Provided by Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)
    Webinars about fish identification in regions around the world. Although viewing is free, you'll need to sign up as a REEF member (also free) in order to view them and access the accompanying cheat sheets (like a viewing guide).

  • REEF Quizlet Study Decks  || Provided by Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)
    Virtual flashcard decks for fish identification study for various worldwide regions. Can access on tablets or phones using the Quizlet app. 
  • Sanctuaries At Home  ||  Provided by National Marine Sanctuaries
    Learn about the ocean, atmosphere, and Great Lakes while at home 

  • Sea Turtle Lesson Plans  ||  Provided by Rum Runner Dive Shop
    Lesson plans & online learning

  • Sharks And Rays  || Provided by Dive Into Your Imagination 
    Sharks And Rays takes you on a journey to discover the wonders of sharks and rays from around the world. Join underwater photographer, filmmaker and ocean explorer, Annie Crawley to learn all about these amazing creatures. You learn biology of elasmobranchs with complex information in easy to understand language. Exclusive footage will have you diving with schooling hammerhead sharks, observing manta rays feeding, nurse sharks entering a state of tonic immobility, plus you will experience the first Shark Sanctuary in the world while diving in the blue waters of Palau. Whale sharks, hammerheads, great white sharks, electric rays, manta rays, reef sharks, mako sharks, dozens of species of sharks and rays from around our world’s ocean are explored in this program.

    The importance of sharks in the world can in no way be understated. People are often terrified of these animals because of misinformation. Sharks & Rays shares with you how sharks and rays move, what they eat, what makes these animals similar and different plus shares some of the threats they are facing.

    Created and narrated by Annie Crawley, a team of underwater photographers and filmmakers contributed to this work including famous shark filmmakers Bill Fisher, Joe Romeiro, Tom Osborn, Nick Martorano, Pascal Kobeh, Amos Nachoum, and Marty Snyderman. The film was sponsored in part by Sam’s Tours in Palau, Shark Diving International, and DivEncounters. The underwater scenes include expeditions to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Belize, Galapagos, Mexico, Malpelo, Cocos, California, Rhode Island, and more. You will want to share this over and over as you learn about the magical world of sharks and rays.

    Says Annie: “Filming sharks and rays excites me as there is so much still to be learned and discovered. There are more than 500 species of sharks and 700 species of rays from cold water to the tropics, shallow water to the deep sea. This film was produced to share with you the fascinating life of sharks and rays, hoping you will love and respect them as I do. We protect what we love. Many species of sharks and rays may go extinct within our lifetime if we don’t change the way we interact with these animals. It is my responsibility as a filmmaker to entertain and educate."

    Dive Into Your Imagination created educator guides to accompany the films. They are downloadable for free here.