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Underwater photography and video

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Underwater Photography

Digital underwater photography is one of today’s most popular underwater activities. With the advent of high-quality inexpensive digital cameras and underwater housings for them, the average diver can take incredible photos of the underwater sights they enjoy. Be it marine life, landscapes, photos of your dive buddy or images of teeny tiny critters, you’ll astound your friends and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

There is a very large range of digital cameras available to the consumer these days. From inexpensive point-and-shoots to high-end point-and-shoots to digital SLR’s, there’s a camera out there to fit every budget and taste. Taking courses in underwater photography and going on photo-specific tours is a popular activity.

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Underwater Videography

Taking digital video cameras underwater is also a popular diving past-time. Manufacturers have a variety of housings designed to fit your HD video camera, so you can capture all of your underwater adventures with life-like clarity.