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  • Scuba Diving Myths – and REALITIES!

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    SCUBA diving is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable activities on the planet today. If you’ve ever explored the underwater world by snorkeling or SCUBA, surely you would agree. Despite the beauty to be discovered under water with SCUBA diving, there are still many myths out there keeping people out of the water. Here’s a brief look at some of the SCUBA myths AND the realities!
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  • Learning to Scuba Dive: A Simple Process with Lifelong Rewards

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    In order to enjoy the many wonders and sights of the underwater world, recreational scuba divers need to become “certified.” The process, while not difficult, is very important to optimize diver comfort and ensure diver safety...
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  • What is Nitrox and Why Do Scuba Divers Use it?

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    Nitrox is simply a gas mixture that has a higher concentration of oxygen and a lower concentration of nitrogen. If a diver is breathing less nitrogen, the chance of developing the bends is greatly reduced. For traveling divers, using Nitrox provides several important benefits.
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  • Scuba Safety: Diver Wellness

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    Scuba diving is a lifestyle and as avid divers, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and adhere to important safety protocols and precautions while diving to ensure a safe and enjoyable dive. To be safe, always...
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  • Owning Your First Set of Dive Gear

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    You’ve just become a certified beginner diver! What do you do next? Stay in the water, of course! You’ve invested time and money getting certified, plus you love your newfound hobby so why not continue to dive? After all, this is the crucial period that will determine whether you’ll keep diving or just have another “Done that!” item checked off your list. We are assuming you want to stay wet and enjoy the underwater world so the next step is to gear up...
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  • Anxiously Awaiting Your Next Dive?

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    “If you dive less than 7 to 14 times a year, you might want to take a refresher course before you go on your next big vacation or scuba dive adventure.” You’ve probably read something like this in your introductory scuba course, a dive magazine, or heard it down at a local dive shop. The reason is simple, if you practice diving on a regular basis, you become more familiar with.....
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