the gear

To get started with open water certification you’ll want to purchase a mask, snorkel and fins that have a personalized fit to optimize your experience. As you progress in your diving you’ll want to consider personalizing all your gear to get the most out of your diving lifestyle!


Scuba mask

Make sure you try your mask on before you buy it

What will i need?

To seek training, travel to an interesting destination, or even just to explore the waters near you, the most basic of diving equipment is needed: mask, snorkel and fins. These three items are usually not included in the equipment provided to divers during training, as they are items of personal fit that are best to purchase. You can learn more about the rest of the gear you will use to scuba dive using the links below or by visiting your local dive store. While terms like regulator, BCD or dive computer may seem foreign to you now, these items are easy to use and will make your diving experience feel as natural as sitting at your computer – but much more fun!

Learn More About the Gear!

Most of us weren’t born with gills or webbed feet, so if we hope to travel more than a few feet underwater, or stay there for more than a minute or so – it’s going to take some gear to do it. Walk into your local dive center, and the amount and variety of equipment they have on display might well be staggering. But, given the fact that, with this gear, you can explore the 75% of the planet that you probably haven’t spent all that much time in … it’s amazing just how versatile dive gear can be.