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There are classes starting every week at dive stores close to or in your neighborhood!  Going on a tropical vacation?  Learn to dive before you go or while you're there!

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Classes start every week

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Divers visit exciting destinations, and enjoy the company of others in comfortable surroundings. Diving is easy to learn and is a life-long, healthy activity suitable for the entire family. Some say diving has changed their lives forever, letting them see a different part of our world in ways they never imagined.

There’s a lot to do underwater – photography, seeing fish and other critters up close, exploring new places, spending quality time with friends and family, seeing historic shipwrecks, and experiencing nature as few have. All are possible as a certified scuba diver.

Underwater – the other 2/3 of your world – whether in the ocean, lakes, rivers or quarries – is a fascinating place. As a diver you’ll explore a different part of the world we live in – a fun activity in a friendly, hospitable environment.

Anyone in good health can learn to dive and become a certified scuba diver. Certification opens the door to activities in every part of the world – anywhere you can find water you can enjoy scuba diving!

Try It!

Try diving programs are offered by most professional dive centers. They are designed to give people who have not tried diving or aren’t sure they will enjoy diving a chance to give it a shot in a very controlled environment under the watchful eye of a trained professional. Locate and contact a local dive center near you and inquire about their try diving programs.

Skills Covered

These programs are designed to give participants quick training on the bare essentials of scuba diving. Familiarization with the equipment and basic safety skills, as well as practice in a shallow, easily controlled environment (like a pool or calm, clear lagoon) are the main components of a discover scuba class. Many resorts offer their guests the ability to sign up for one of these programs to help them decide whether they want to take the full course or not.

In general, if you love snorkeling, we can almost guarantee that you’ll flip for scuba. You need not have excellent form as a swimmer, the most important criteria is that you’re comfortable in the water.