diving activities
There are so many activities waiting for you, under the sea. What are you waiting for?

Scuba Diving Activities

There are so many diving activities waiting for you



Essentially an underwater “treasure” hunt, DiveCaching combines your certified scuba diving skills or snorkeling skills with some high tech equipment and simple underwater search techniques, while looking for a hidden “cache” of goodies.

Reef Diving

Divers typically dive on reefs (loosely defined as any structure that sticks up off the ocean’s floor) because that’s where marine life tends to congregate. Learn more.

Wreck Diving

Ship wrecks offer divers an exciting glimpse into the past.  These and ‘man-made reefs’ offer divers the opportunity to explore locations where marine life tend to gather. Learn more.

Underwater Photo & Video

With the help of today’s digital cameras and HD video camcorders, divers are able to capture stunning images of the underwater world that rival those of professional image makers and cinematographers.Learn more.

More Diving Specialties

In addition to the three main diving interests above, there are literally hundreds of unique diving specialties that dive centers around the world offer. From spear fishing to underwater archaeology to diving in a quarry, there are specialties for just about everything. Learn more.